adult-day-respite2   There are over 804,000 Arizonans providing family caregiving to a loved one.  Unpaid daily caregiving can impact caregivers and put their own health at risk.  It is vital that caregivers are offered the support they need so that they can make time for themselves.  This is where respite services can play a significant role.  Respite services can help caregivers in their journey by giving those in a caregiving role a much needed break.  This can be a supportive option that assists the caregivers, while offering social stimulation for the persons they are caring for.  While utilizing respite services, caregivers may run errands, attend a support group, visit with friends, or just take some much needed "me" time.

Respite Options to Consider:

  • Group Respite:
    • Adult Day Health Care offers enriching activities and socialization for the care recipient, while allowing caregivers to take care of their own needs.
    • Memory CafĂ© is a place to come and get resource information while enjoying a friendly time with other caregivers.
  • Home and Community Based Respite:
    • Short-term care and supervision that is given in the home of the care recipient.
  • Emergency Facility Based Respite:
    • Short-term stay in a facility when an urgent unmet need is evident.
  • PGCSC provides resources for various types of respite care that are available through other agencies.

Eligibility: Varies. Older adults and, sometimes, disabled younger adults are eligible.

Call PGCSC's Central Intake, Screening and Referral telephone line:

(800) 293-9393 or (520) 836-2758.