Choose the closest answer to describe how you have felt over the past week.

1. When talking with others, do you ever underestimate how much you actually drink? yes no
2. After a few drinks, have you sometimes not eaten or been able to? yes no
3. Does having a few drinks help decrease your shakiness or tremors? yes no
4. Does alcohol sometimes make it hard for you to remember parts of the day or night? yes no
5. Do you usually take a drink to relax or calm your nerves? yes no
6. Do you drink to take your mind off your problem? yes no
7.Have you ever increased your drinking after experiencing a loss in your life? yes no
8. Has a doctor or nurse ever said they were worried or concerned about your drinking? yes no
9. Have you ever made rules to manage your drinking? yes no
10. When you feel lonely, does having a drink help? yes no
Your Score:
Two or more “YES” answers could mean that alcohol may be causing you a problem.

Remember: effective treatments are available.

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